M-20.2 EEBD Physical Characteristics & Performance

Oxygen Delivery Automatic on, demand regulated
Performance Duration 10 minutes - NIOSH Approved
15 minutes - CE Marked
Donning Time Less than 10 seconds
Service Life 15 years
Storage Temperature 10–149° F (-12.2–65° C)
Inspection Visual
Inspection Frequency Annually for stored units; daily for deployed units
Approvals MED Wheelmark, CE/EN13794, NIOSH
Weight as Donned 2.1 lbs. (1.0 kg)
Product Dimensions 2.75" x 7" x 6.1" (6.9cm x 16.7cm x 15.5cm)
Storage Case Dimensions 8.2” x 9.2” x 4.2” (21cm x 23cm x 10cm)




M-20.2 & M-20.3 Carrying Case

Belt worn shock resistant protective carry case with dual zipper opening.

Black Carry Case – P/N 648101

Orange Mounting Bracket for Navy

M-20.2 & M-20.3 Orange Storage Racks

Bright orange steel or aluminum storage rack for navies with quick-open Velcro™ closures

M-20.2 & M-20.3 Steel Storage Rack – P/N 648061
M-20.2 & M-20.3 Aluminum Storage Rack – P/N 648064

Wire Mounting Bracket for Maritime

M-20.2 & M-20.3 Wire Storage Bracket

Chrome plated steel wire storage brackets for maritime industries.

M-20.2 & M-20.3 Wire Storage Bracket – P/N 648062

M-20.2T Training Unit - EEBD, Case, and Mouthpieces

M-20.2T Trainer

The M-20.2T TRAINER comes with two extra mouthpieces in a light-blue secondary container. A pack of ten M-20.2T Trainer mouthpiece is available.

M-20.2T Trainer – P/N 940011
M-20.2T Trainer Mouthpiece (qty 1) – P/N 643102
M-20.2T Trainer Mouthpiece (qty 10) – P/N 643103


Expectation Trainer

The Ocenco Expectation Trainer is sold as two separate assemblies.

Mouthpiece – P/N 900060 
Cartridge – P/N 900059


M-20 Pouch

The M-20 Pouch is made of heavy duty nylon and has a large belt loop.

M-20 Pouch – P/N 930023


M-20 Belt

The M-20 Belt is a 2” wide heavy duty nylon belt with accessory strap.

M-20 Belt – P/N 930021


Donning, Inspection, and Maintenance

Learn how to don the M-20.2 in fewer than 10 seconds, how to inspect the M-20.2 to ensure it's in working condition, and how to properly maintain the M-20.2.

Training Kit and Maintenance (Part 1)

Learn about the M-20.2T, a non-operational device for teaching others to use an EEBD.

Training Kit and Maintenance (Part 2)

Watch a demonstration of how to clean the M-20.2 and safely prepare it for the next trainee.

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