The Ocenco M-20.2 EEBA meets the Federal Railway Administration Final Rule (FR Doc. 2024–01074) requirements for providing 15-minute Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatuses to locomotive crewmembers.

Highlights of the M-20.2:

  • Approved to ISO 23269-1:2008 and EN13794 with a 15-minute rated duration and a 15-year, maintenance-free, service life. 
  • Thanks to its intuitive design, the M-20.2 can be donned in less than 10 seconds.
  • Utilizing compressed oxygen technology, the M-20.2 is the smallest, lightest, and most reliable emergency escape breathing apparatus on the market – providing oxygen on demand.
  • The M-20.2 is enclosed in a clear case which allows for a thorough, quick, and straightforward visual inspection of the breathing assembly inside.