Ocenco, Incorporated, established in 1970 is the global leader in self-contained escape breathing apparatus and explosion proof lighting for military, maritime, mining, medical and industrial markets.

Ocenco’s escape breathing devices, certified to national and international standards, protect the user from harsh and irrespirable atmospheres while escaping to safety.

Ocenco’s escape devices range in duration from fifteen minutes to two hours.  The M-20 EEBD series are belt worn and the smallest self-contained escape devices in the world.  The M-40 EEBD series are also belt worn and provide 30 minutes of escape time.  The EBA SCSR series are stored at the work place for escape durations from ninety minutes to two hours.

Ocenco’s explosion proof headlights and area lights are approved for underground use by the U. S. Mine Safety Health Administration.

Ocenco is committed to providing the safest and most reliable respiratory protection and lighting that is suited to the users work environment.

Ocenco, Incorporated is a member of the Ocenco Group, which includes Interspiro AB, Matisec, Erie Medical and Kirsan Engineering.