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  Ocenco, Inc.
  LakeView Corporate Park
  10225 82nd Avenue
  Pleasant Prairie, WI
  53158-5801 U.S.A.
  Phone : (262) 947-9000
  Fax: (262) 947-9020
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In 1970, a few enterprising engineers in Blairsville, Pennsylvania envisioned launching a company on the strength of a single idea. High performance seawater batteries. Using seawater as an electrolyte, this promising new product was marketed to the oceanographic industry.

Driven by their innovative spirit, these entrepreneurs also focused their energy and engineering expertise on a new, growing market-intrinsically safe lighting systems for hazardous environments. Their success not only built an enviable reputation, it built a dynamic company.

Today Ocenco, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of intrinsically safe lighting systems, electronic power supplies, electric cable repair kits, and is a world leader in internationally approved respiratory protection equipment.

In keeping with the innovative spirit that launched the Company, Ocenco products are designed to set new standards in dependability and safety, while exceeding regulatory requirements.

Yet, Ocenco is more than state of the art safety products. Ocenco is people. People committed to manufacturing the world's finest safety equipment for hazardous environments.

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